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Case in point

From AKTUELLT newscast from earlier this evening. The segment presents the new possibility that the Norwegian mass murderer could get convicted of “crime against humanity” (brott mot m√§nskligheten). This is [not] a movie poster…

Being in a movie

When the most horrible and atrocious things happen, people are unable to comprehend it, literally, as something REAL. It’s a mechanism of shock, of self-preservation. When trying to find words to describe the unexplainable, a common phrase to resort to seems to be: it’s like being in a movie. A situation so appalling, that it […]

Under Tiden

Under Tiden (Swe) is translated as “in the meantime”. The literal meaning = “under the time”. Meantime – a combination of the words mean + time. “Mean” refers in this case to “an average”, or “in the middle”. The time in between two instances? This is not really what it means! It is rather something […]

The W-ORD is out!

The Swedish word for “word” is “ord”. The Swedish language doesn’t have an exact equivalent for the expression “word”, (to concur, to agree). At least not yet. There is a chance that “word” could be adopted as a readymade, but for some reason it’s doubtful it will be translated into Swedish. To use “ord” in […]

The subject: Generating a topic

The description of this blog is appropriating the subtitle of THE HOLT GUIDE TO ENGLISH (a Contemporary Handbook of Rhetoric, Language and Literature) and this first post’s title is a direct quote, as are the following selections: “The mind is constantly recording, responding, remembering, reflecting. Thinking is a free-ranging process, not bound by time or […]