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The W-ORD is out!

The Swedish word for “word” is “ord”.
The Swedish language doesn’t have an exact equivalent for the expression “word”, (to concur, to agree). At least not yet. There is a chance that “word” could be adopted as a readymade, but for some reason it’s doubtful it will be translated into Swedish. To use “ord” in this context would just not sound right. In any case, the ironic overuse of this word overrides any attempt to translate or adopt it seriously.
However, a sort of direct trans-fer-lation has worked fine in the past, for example with the word “nerd” (Swe: “nörd”).

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  1. ANNOTATION wrote:

    A trans-fer-lation is a translation that is equally concerned with the similarity of both meaning and form. A literal translation demands the most exact meaning, whereas the trans-fer-lation aims at the closest visual and phonetic similarity, while negotiating an acceptable accuracy in meaning.

    Sunday, March 22, 2009 at 2:05 am | Permalink

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