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Study-visit + Prao

The Swedish word “Studiebesök” seems to be missing in the English vocabulary.
An attempt to translate:

• an act of going to visit/study somebody’s workplace.

This is a quite common activity in Swedish schools, where the students are taken to check out a business, a facility or just about any workplace that seems interesting. But the practice of study-visits goes beyond students – generally anyone who presents an innocent enough reason is welcome at most places.

Similarly, there is no good translation for “prao”.
PRAO stands for PRaktisk ArbetslivsOrientering (practical vocational orientation), referring to students from 5th to 9th grade spending a week or two per year at a workplace of their choice. “Prao” has a slightly comedic feel to it since it automatically evokes the image of an insecure and/or boisterous teenager doing potentially more harm than good despite the best intentions… It also stirs up memories of not being fully in control, as well as the first taste of professional responsibility and office culture.

Question: Do these words not exist in (Am) English, because the activities are missing, or because they just don’t occur frequently enough to earn a place in the culture specific vocabulary? The Prao phenomenon might not be worth adopting to a larger degree, but the idea of the Study-visit is highly underrated. By introducing this word, perhaps the practice will follow?

Faux cockpit

Study-visit at the Scandinavian Airlines Flight Academy (mock-cockpit).

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