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Tajm for Dajm

The Swedish word for “timing” is “tajming”, a loanword taken from English and spelled the way it is pronounced.

Some other examples of loanwords with adjusted spelling:
“mejl” (email)
“hajp” (hype)
“chilla” (chill)
“tejp” (tape)
“sprej” (spray)

When the Swedish candy bar “Dajm” was introduced abroad, it was called “Daim”- for a more international look and feel. Later, it was renamed “Daim” in Sweden as well, trusting that the collective memory of how it used to be pronounced would never fade.

Some examples of Swedish loanwords in English:
“lox” (lax)
“ombudsman” (ombudsman)
“orienteering” (orientering)

A pretend-loanword:
“freestyle” is curiously the Swedish name for “walkman”.


1953 original Dajm

1979 original freestyle

1979 original Freestyle


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    “We just got back from Paris and everybody’s wearing them… Also the headset stops my hair from blowing around”

    /Andy Warhol

    Stereo for One: A Brief Unaccompanied History, New York Times, July 4, 2009.

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