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Worry- clouds

OROSMOLN (Swe) = “worry-cloud/s”. Perhaps the closest translation would be “storm cloud”, although in the case of the worry-cloud, its use is only in the figurative sense (never to describe a weather situation). From the Dictionary: Storm cloud noun a heavy, dark rain cloud. • (storm clouds) used in reference to a threatening or ominous […]

Life- enjoyer

LIVSNJUTARE (Swe) = life-enjoyer / enjoyer of life noun yeah

Exit time

Soil is earth is dirt is what we are. Even though we came from stars. Ignoring death, but being reminded of it constantly. Smoke screens made of practicalities and politics can be useful. To those of us who know we are toast. The only thing that sounds plausible. Fragile and perishable. Afraid [of the inevitable] […]

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz in /out

The English expression: to sleep in, to let yourself sleep longer than usual in the morning (sleep in…to the day). It’s not the same as to oversleep, with the sleep duration accidentally being longer than intended, probably leading to unfortunate consequences (of being late to something, etc). Arguably the word oversleep can only be legitimized […]


Fuskfotograf (Swe) = “Cheat-photographer” This word has recently resurfaced in the [Swedish] news. It refers to the Norwegian wildlife photographer Terje Hellesø who, apparently could not resist to photoshop* in a lynx here and there in his images to make them more enticing. This has caused an outcry, and Hellesø has had to leave the […]