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Dead End

DEAD END = Ã…tervändsgränd (Swe) = “Return alley” DÖTT SLUT sounds very final. Irreversible. You will possibly even die at the end…? Ã…TERVÄNDSGRÄND has the emphasis on survival. You can go in, it’s a little bit scary and you don’t know what to expect. But you will most likely come back alive.

Prehistoric mammal Chaos

ISKAOS (Swe) = “ice chaos” was recently added to the winter status vocabulary. It is likely derived from the more commonly used: SNÖKAOS = “snow chaos” Other dramatic weather conditions: BLIXTHALKA = “lightening bolt slipperiness” OVÄDER = “un-weather” RUSK= “filthy weather” MAMMUTSTORM = MAMMOTH STORM SVARTHALKA = “black-slipperiness” (freezing rain).

Punch cold

It’s smällkallt outside. Kallt = cold. Smäll = a punch / a bang / a firecracker (Swe: smällare) going off. Gott Nytt Ã…r / Happy New Years!