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FÃ¥r Your Information


This is a confusing example of an ad that’s either too smart or too sloppy. It’s very hard to say whether it’s consciously using, or itself falling victim to a pronunciation mistake Swedes commonly make: that words beginning with sh… (sheep, for example) is pronounced the same way as words that begin with ch… (cheap, for example).

Swedes, F.Y.I:
It’s not supposed to be pronounced: Shicken, sheese, or shildren. It’s more like when a Finish person says: “tjuv”, or “tjusig”, with a little t-sound in the beginning.

Only a Swede would be able to fully appreciate the word/pronunciation-play displayed in this ad. Deliberate or not, it does put focus on the problem, which doesn’t stop at shiiisburger (there’s also confusion about words like “Yale” and “jail”…)


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