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Hux Flux

Hux Flux is a [Swedish] expression, which is used to mark when something happens:
all of a sudden / unexpectedly / abruptly / out of nowhere / without warning.

Hux flux, the electricity went out, and people started to panic.
She met a Hollywood actor and hux flux she was a Scientologist.
Hux flux winter is over.
He suffered a hit to his head, and hux flux he was speaking with a Germain accent.
Hux flux, the main witness changed his alibi.
You can’t just quit hux flux!
Hux flux, the sky opened up and rain started pouring.
You wake up one day and hux flux you realize you are not young anymore. But wise.
She left facebook hux flux and never looked back.
It seemed like your ordinary dinner party, but hux flux people were dancing on the table.

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